Selected clipography (music, visual and dance art videos)

-Heat Flux (2012) (direction/script/cinematography/edit)
3'40" (colour)
Clip about the alchemist Thomas (Tobias Crone) who - in his dark smoky lab - is turning substantiated layers of music into a sublime symphony, a perfect piece of art in tune with the surrounding cosmos. Clip for Mononoid, in collaboration with Alan D. Joseph (effects/compositing), Tobias Crone (original artwork/set design), Walter van der Munnik (make up) and with productional assistance of Mononoid, Eva de Groot and Erik Bergman.
-Protoplasm (2012) (co-direction/co-script/cinematography/edit) 3'45" (colour)
Clip about the ill-fated mutant biological researcher Dr. Drexkiy (Igor Shumlyanskiy) who is stuck in his laboratory, for Mononoid, co-directed with Alan D. Joseph,
in collaboration with Zeona van de Water and Eva de Groot.
-Lady with the Vial (2011) (co-direction/co-script/co-cinematography/sound design/edit)
2'48" (colour)
Baroque music/dance clip co-script/co-directed with Joep Veldhuis, music remix by Renger Koning and Nagesh Zwarts, in collaboration with NND and Ko Duhyun.
-Prison Yell (2010) (not yet released)
Clip for Audiotransparent.
-Let this tension flow (2009) (co-direction/co-cinematography/edit)
5'51" (English, BW)
Clip about remembering and having mixed feelings about a tragic road accident, for Music for the Defect, co-directed with Roeland Dijksterhuis.
-Ik Kan Niet Stilstaan (2008) (co-direction/co-script/edit)
3'14" (Dutch, colour)
Hiphop breakdance music video for Lucas en Tim feat. US, cinematography and co-script/co-directed with Arno Cupédo.
-Green (2007) (direction/script/edit)
4'19" (English, colour)
Abstract triphop music video in the fantasy forest for Jorix feat. COPERNIC#, in collaboration with Arno Cupédo, Jeroen Meijer, Joep Veldhuis, Pepijn Sonneveld.
-The What of Life (2007) (co-direction/co-cinematography/edit)
3'39" (English, colour)
Rock music video in the garage for The Dirty Shambles/The Phrases, co-direction/co-cinematography of Arno Cupédo and with cinematography of Ivan de Groot.

Mononoid - Heat Flux (2012)

Mononoid - Protoplasm (2012)

Music for the Defect - Let this tension flow (2009)

Tim en Lucas featuring US - Ik Kan Niet Stilstaan (2008)

Jorix feat. COPERNIC - Green (2007)

The Dirty Shambles (The Phrases) - The What of Life (2007)