Selected portraitography

Below follows a selection of the representation of person(s) and organisations in various media.

Autonomous work
Космос Малевича / 26th of October 2013, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2013)
3'05" (colour)
video diary / docufictional poetic short film about the Kazimir Malevich exhibition at the
Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.
-De Dode Zeerollen / 31 Augustus 2013 in Assen (2013)
4'29" (Dutch, colour)
video diary / docufictional poetic short film about the "The Dead Sea Scrolls" ("De Dode
Zeerollen") exhibition at the Drents Museum in Assen.

-Nordic Reveries: living painting portraits (2013)
Portrait series of dancers, part of the Nordic Reveries dance theatre performance based on the Nordic Art exhibition in the Groninger Museum, posing in front of the painting they represent.  Requested by Aglaya Koika.
-Portrait Richard Bolhuis in his atelier (2012)
Photo series (colour/BW)
-De verbeelding spreekt: een portret van Marcel Ruijters (2011)
24'56" (Dutch, colour)
In this video portrait comic artist Marcel Ruijters shows and talks about his artistic work (process) in theory and practice while his imaginative medieval world is cinematically presented. Requested by Anneke Claus.
-Make yourself Hurt (2011)
Ink drawing on a2 paper
-Monstar at Stake (2011)
Ink drawing on a2 paper
-Tolking culture (2010)
6'31" (Dutch)
Audio portrait on Deafness and music for Edge 2.0 radio, with a translator acting as an intermediator between the hearing interviewer and the deaf interviewees.
-Shaman (2010)
Ink drawing on a3 paper
-Feuer frei (2010)
8'56" (Dutch)
Audio portrait on eye and ear protection during New Years Eve for Edge 2.0 radio. Participative journalist interviews medical doctors involved with eye and ear trauma.
-7083170 (2009)
7'00" (Dutch)
Audio portrait about a traditional oliebol baker for Edge 2.0 radio.
-Sewerside (2009)
7'43" (Dutch)
Audio portrait about sewers maintenance for Edge 2.0 radio. A pledge for more riooljournalistiek (yellow journalism).

-Logo Stichting ColorC (2014)
Logo design for cultural foundation ColorC suitable for black and white background.
-Logo OrbitFest (2014)
Logo design for futuristic winter light festival OrbitFest suitable for black and white background.
-Logo Groningen-Jabalya (2010)
Logo design for twin city foundation Groningen Jabalya suitable for white background.
-Logo Videolandschap (2005)
Logo design for film foundation Videolandschap suitable for black and white background.