Selective filmography

Below follows a selection of short films, ranging from documentary to fiction, from experimental (XZhi) to conventional - that I made autonomously and in collaboration.

Autonomous work
-Over the Moon (2019)
1' 25" (colour)
Experimental new year video.
-Deleted Video (2018)
0'12" (Colour)
Deconstruction of YouTube #8.
-End play (2018)
0'21" (English, colour)
Deconstruction of YouTube #7.
-Framed (2018)
0'34" (English, BW/colour)
Deconstruction of YouTube #6.
-Barred (2018)
0'04" (English, colour)
Deconstruction of YouTube #5.
-Click (2018)
0'03" (English, BW)
Deconstruction of YouTube #4.
-Burst (2018)
1' 12" (colour)
Experimental new year video.
-Reaproduction (2017)
1' 00" (colour)
Experimental video.
-V A P O U R W A V E S (2017)
2' 47" (colour)
Experimental video about vapourwave(s).
-shu##le (2016)
1' 02" (colour)
Experimental video (game poetry).
-Loop of Progress (2015)
1' 26" (colour)
A reflection on the visual communication of latency and buffering we're confronted with on a daily basis on our way to a virtual world. (work in progress) The animation was shown during the "Mini animatie festival" organised by Open Lab Ebbinge at the Ebbingekwartierterrein in Groningen.
-The Anatomy of Work (2014)
45" (colour)
Experimental drawing video.
-A New Year (2014)
53" (colour)
Experimental new year video.
-Skycapture (2013) (installment in the the Sky is the Limit series)
3'23" (English, colour)
Experimental tutorial short about screen capture.
-Nosthrills in the Sky (2012)
(installment in the the Sky is the Limit series)
1'26'' (colour)
Experimental audiovisual poetry while feeling "blue", having a cold and a cracked lower lip.
-Pan (2012)
51'' (colour)
Experimental audiovisual poetry (linked to the photo series Pan/Organic).
-Blue Screen of Death (2012)
(installment in the the Sky is the Limit series)
1'30" (colour)
Experimental lo-fi audiovisual poetry. made right after I got sunburnt.
-Fried Egg (2012)
1'00" (English/Japanese/Dutch, colour)
Experimental cooking tutorial video.
-Progress (2011)
(installment in the the Sky is the Limit series)
1'00" (colour)
Experimental audiovisual poetry clip.
-Maalstroom (2011)
3'51" (Dutch, colour)
Video installation based on ancient and modern local (Veenhuizen and surroundings) stories about researching bog bodies, policy making for infrastructure and the impact of archiving heritage on the body and mind.
Made in collaboration with Walter van der Munnik (propmaker), Eva de Groot (gaffer); Rosan Breman/Veenhuizen Cultuur & Toerisme, UMCG. Featuring Klaas van Linschoten, Bouke Mekel, Judith van der Meer and Jan Plenter.
-Hé meiden (2010)
1'06" (Dutch, colour)
One take short documentary on making an impression on the opposite sex on a canal and mistaken identity of the camera person.
-dRAIN (2010)
2'27" (Dutch, colour/BW)
Experimental musical short docufiction on water leaking into inner city life.
-THE END (2009) (script/direction/camera/editing/sound/music)
5'23" (Dutch/English, colour)
Experimental dystopian film about the end, featuring Jan Paul Hof as politician.

-Bliksemafleiding (2009)
0'28" (colour)
Experimental short docufiction on the origins of artificial lightning.
-Catbird (2009)
0'34" (colour)
Experimental short docufiction featuring the neighbour's Eurasian black cat and a Eurasian jay.
-Arbitrary (2009)
1'59" (colour)
Experimental docufiction on getting hurt while documenting a tree battling with infrastructure.
-Tape Live Live Tape (2008)
8'31" (Dutch, colour)
Experimental musical docufiction metafilm representing DV tape as a medium, filmmaking, giving a film presentation, breathing life into film.
-Licht van Achter, Het (2007)
2'05" (Dutch, colour/nightvision)
Experimental musical docufiction of a spooky campfire song.
-Post- (2007)
0'04" (English, BW)
Deconstruction of YouTube #3.
-Video Light v. 1.0 (2007)
0'18" (BW)
Deconstruction of YouTube #2.
-Verdacht videobestand (2007)
0'02" (BW)
Deconstruction of YouTube #1.
-Balloony (2006)
Short documentary about balloons getting stuck in ceiling of the Stephansdom.
-Untitled (2005)
1'04" (colour)
Experimental musical docufiction representing the desktop PC.
-K7 (2005)
1'08" (French, colour)
Experimental musical docufiction representing the DV tape.
-Knock (2005)
1'19" (English, colour)
Experimental musical docufiction representing the PC's CRT monitor.
-Akai Xperiment (2003)
Experimental musical clip exploring the colour red and fire.
-Paranoia (2002)
Experimental musical clip fusing tea cups and fish bowls.
-Breekbaar (2002)
0'50" (colour)
Experimental clip about fragility.

-Eastern Roots (in development)
120'00" (English/Gronings, colour)
Eastern Roots is a mini-series consisting of 4 tragicomical fantastic exploitation featurettes with surreal and absurd elements, following the prequel no-budget featurette PAASHAAT, to be made in Groningen and its surroundings. The film is currently in its pre-production phase.
-The Thames Barrier (2019) (direction/co-script/co-production/camera/edit/music/sound/visual effects)
30'00'' (Spanish/English, colour)
An experimental film with sci-fi- and fantasy-elements flowing through the external and internal worlds of newspaper deliverer Moreno and (South) London.
-Hard To Become Who You Are (2014-2016) (co-editing/pre-script/co-sound design/co-visual effects)
26'26'' (English, colour)
Educational historical music film directed by Wim Kratsborn about the multiple-choice identity and various learning styles of the youth of today in Europe and the Arab World.
-Nicci (2011) (co-editing/co-visual effects)
78'00" (Dutch, colour)
Psychological mystery drama directed by Arjen Nolles about a young girl who is found dead by a jogger in the park near a VINEX-location.
-Grollywood (2011) (art direction/add. camera)
-PAASHAAT (2011) (script/direction/co-sound/co-music)
30'00" (Dutch/Gronings, colour)
Fantastic exploitation fiction film about a carrot farming and hunting dysfunctional family - pre-occupied with their roots and in a love-hate relationship with their sexy toxic neighbour - coming under attack by a vengeful zombie Easter bunny.
A northern Eastern film with western influences in collaboration with this cast and crew.
-Tragic Relief (2011) (co-script/co-sound design)
6'37" (English, colour)
Short mockumentary film made during 48H Nijmegen in collaboration with PuddingStudio, Videocollectief and Stranger things have happened.
-Sam (2010) (co-editing)
Short realistic fiction film about Sam, involved in a history of violence.
Film directed by Pepijn Sonneveld and Roeland Dijksterhuis.
-Zeeduivel (2010) (co-script/sound design/music)
Short ghost horror film made during 48H Breda in collaboration with PuddingStudio.
-Tea Party (2010) (co-acting) (teaser)
Short film by Dimitri Astroschenko.
-Infiltrating Presence (2009) (co-camera/technical solutions)
Experimental dance research project with Nuska Peszke Dako and Kenzo Kusuda.
-Funis (2008) (co-script/co-acting)
Short film made by Videocollectief.
-In Hemelsnaam (2007) (co-acting)
Short film made by Videocollectief.
-Der G√ľnthergang (2006) (co-acting/co-script) (trailer)
Short film made by Videocollectief.
-EZ Rollers ("Mag ik 'm ff vasthouden") (2001) (co-script/co-direction/co-acting/co-editing)
Short fiction film about a theft of a Digital Video (DV) camera from the point of view of the camera.
Co-directed with and featuring Pepijn Sonneveld.

PAASHAAT a.k.a. DISEASTER (with English Subtitles)(2011)